The chief walking banging the drum was made by CYRNOS of France. Can you believe an Apache with a blowpipe! Actually I've been assured by an eminent historian that there are records of North American tribes using the blowpipe for hunting. This figure was made in Poland, manufacturer unknown. The chief smoking his pipe is an early figure made by JIM of France while the brave firing the rifle was by STARLUX.



These are three early French figures by LEPICARD. They all have moveable arms which are attached to the body by small acetate pins.












These three Mohicans were made by STARLUX of France. The one above carries a knife in one hand and a scalp in the other, I particularly like the pose of the horse springing forward.









The cowboy laying firing from behind his horse was originally made in hollow-cast lead by JOHILCO in England. this later version in plastic has always been assumed to have been made by JOHILCO but was probably made by PHEONIX, a company which "rose from the ashes" of JOHILCO, after that company went into liquidation, and produced a short run of plastic figures from the old moulds.



LONE STAR produced a set of four western children, the young cowboy plays with a lasso and the little girl holds a puppy while her dog sits beside her. They were only sold in box sets which contained two children, Davy Crocket and a bear. All four children also came in a larger playset which had a vacuum formed base depicting a circle of wagons.




Here are the other two LONE STAR western children, the Indian boy is running with a small tomohawk in his hand while the little girl is cradling a doll in her arms. The figure of the boy in the middle is a pirated copy made in Hong Kong.





This is the figure of Davy Croket fighting the bear which came in the boxed sets, a slightly different figure in similar pose was also available sold individually as part of the standard western range.






This brave is laying low on his horse, taking cover behind it's head to fire his rifle. The pose of both horse and rider is very realistic, they were made on the island of Mauritius in the Indian Ocean and it is likely that the manufacturer was originaly French as the factory was producing figures from a variety of old moulds made in France.


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