Identification and value guide

Richard O'Brien. A4 paperback, 496 pages, illustated throughout in black and white, some colour. I have to declare an interest here because I contributed to this book as an editor of Plastic Warrior magazine and a number of photographs on this site are included in it. That said the author has a well earned reputation for opening the world of toy soldiers to the collectors of America and this is a usefull addition to his existing books although there is some overlap. Toy Soldier manufacturers are listed by country and there are some interesting and unusual figures to be seen here. However, publishing deadlines being what they are there was not enough time or space to fully research and document such a vast undertaking, a second volume would be very welcome. Published 1997 by Books Americana, Krause Publications, 700 E. State Street,Iola, WI. USA. ISBN 0 89689 122 4.

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